Rhythm Portal Miami

A percussive escape unlocked

Powered by CC Konex, this is where music and energy unite to create an unforgettable experience. Let the beats take the lead as you embrace this rendezvous of rhythm that touches your very soul to transport you to a new world.

Through each encounter, a portal opens in the caress of nature to a place where percussion and movement become one, never the same as the time before.

A group of musicians from around the world compose the experience live to create a unique and unrepeatable show, through group improvisation based on the “Rhythm with Signs” method by Santiago Vazquez. 

Every show features special guests as well as a DJ set by Richie Hell.

Rhythm Portal Miami is inspired and endorsed by the Argentine sensation “La Bomba de Tiempo” (percussion group created by Santiago Vazquez) who have been performing at the Konex Center every Monday and selling out for the last 15 years.

Come and live this experience where dancing shoes are mandatory!

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